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Andrew Alter is a musician whose interests include the music of Europe, India, and Indonesia. In his musical journeys he has frequently had reason to see elephants and other animals in National Parks in Asia. He is a proud sponsor of Wildlife SOS – an organisation dedicated to mitigating human encroachment on animal habitats. His art practice works within the spaces between sonic, visual, and real imaginaries.

Andrew Alter

21_Elephant in the Room_PBEAT2023_Commended

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This community installation is not included in People’s Choice voting.

Community (Frances Alter)

26_Hidden Habitat

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This community work has been led by the Arboretum Secretary Mary Knaggs. Mary is also the project manager and curator for PBEAT.

Community Dragon


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Wrap with Love Inc is a not for profit organisation. Wrap with Love relies on volunteers and donations. Donations are not tax deductible. Wrap with Love is a non-denominational, non-racial and non-political organisation.

Community Wrap

03_Wrap with Love

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Phil and Lynne Rich are local Pearl Beach creatives - highly skilled in art and music.

Community_Phil and Lynne Rich


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Liz McCarthy <>Space Whale is a mental health service that draws on nature and creativity as tools for healing. This work was made by Space Whale and Friends.


28_The Nest

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Eve is 11 years old and in year five at school. She enjoys coming to Pearl Beach to walk through the Arboretum, look at the trees, and listen to the birds.


11_The Catastrophe_PBEAT2023_Under16_HighlyCommended

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Gaby Porter has been working as a sculptor for more than 40 years, using ephemeral materials in her Pink Onion Sculpture Garden at her home in Pearl Beach.

Gaby Porter


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Georgina Galea is a conceptual visual artist from the Blue Mountains who has a degree in Fine Arts. She often borrows on her background in pattern design to realise her conceptual works.

Georgina Galea

08_Falling_PBEAT2023_Highly Commended

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Penny Simons & Hobart Hughes formed a new collaborative team for this project. Their diverse talents overlap perfectly in this work; Hughes bringing fabrication and engineering skills in wood, whilst Simons brings her skills in botanical assemblage.

Hobart Hughes and Penny Simons

13_Bird Play_PBEAT2023_Commended

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Jessie is 12 years old. She has been coming to Pearl Beach all her life for holidays with her family. She enjoys being surrounded by nature, painting and making whatever she can from craft kits or natural items.


09_The Bee is Life_PBEAT2023_Under16_Highly Commended

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Jojo Fuller was assisted by her artist partner Colin Husband, helped also by Geoff & Sharon. Jojo and Colin split their time between Pearl Beach and the city, lured by bird calls and the swoosh of leaves. Jojo makes both sculptural and functional ware and has worked with public art specialists, Environmental Art+Design.

Jojo Fuller

22_We did it with the best intentions_PBEAT2023_Commended

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