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Kylie Washington

01_The Nurture of Nature by Kylie Washington 

My installation idea is to take 2-4 (depending on the area I can do more or less) of these botanical creations below and print them on individual 100cmx100cm silk fabric and hang from trees. I have been so inspired by the natural wildlife of Pearl Beach and surrounding Central Coast. The Arboretum is one of the most special places I have come to explore as a recent resident to the area. I still remember the first time driving through and admiring the old banksia trees lining the streets. Incredible! 

Kylie's work is the product of over 20years of working in digital media as an accomplished tv producer and as a mixed media artist. I’m inspired by the natural environment around me. The bio diversity and its connectivity. The cycle of change and the integral relationship between life, death and renewal. Fire needs oxygen. New plant life needs fire. The nurturing power of nature surrounds us. We are on our own cycle, destined to be one with the earth. It’s an exquisite balance that needs our protection.


Kylie Washington started working in mixed media collage over 20years ago. She uses traditional forms of painting, gouache, ink, photography and collage and inter-grates this into her digital work.

Recently Kylie has produced a show for ABC called ’Space 22’. It’s a series that explores the impact art and creativity can have on a persons mental health. Kylie has always worked on her own art practice and felt the positive benefits from doing so. Nature is to nurture. 

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