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Koala Trees

To encourage the return of endangered Koalas to the Pearl Beach area, where they once lived, a number of Eucalyptus tree species have been planted, some of which are now 20 years old.

Crommelin Native Arboretum – Koala Food Trees (Eucalyptus)

Koalas once lived locally in the Pearl Beach and Patonga area. In the early 1990s, a devastating bushfire season ripped through the Pearl Beach community. The bushfire, and the presence of unleashed dogs, were likely causes of our resident Koala colony disappearing.

To try to encourage the return of koalas to the area, the Arboretum Committee decided to plant 30 different species of eucalyptus trees for future Koala food. They also established a local Wildlife Corridor to connect isolated species to the sanctuary of the Arboretum.

As Koalas have their favourite types of eucalyptus (very fussy eaters by nature!), the Committee ensured there would be plenty of choice for any Koalas by planting popular varieties:

  •      Bangalay

  •      Blue Gum

  •      Grey Gum

  •      Forest Red Gum

  •      Scribbly Gum

  •      Swamp Mahogany

  •      Sydney Peppermint

  •      Tallow

  •      and many more – see the full list below

Common Name – Scientific Name (A-Z)

  • Spotted Gum – Corymbia maculata 

  • Bangalay – Eucalyptus botryoides

  • Southern Blue Gum – Eucalyptus globulus 

  • Flooded Gum – Eucalyptus grandis 

  • Scribbly Gum – Eucalyptus haemastoma x racemosa 

  • Tallowood – Eucalyptus microcorys 

  • Messmate Stringy bark – Eucalyptus obliqua 

  • Grey Ironbark – Eucalyptus paniculata ssp paniculata 

  • Parramatta Red Gum – Eucalyptus parramattensis 

  • Blackbutt – Eucalyptus pilularis 

  • Narrow-leaved Scribbly Gum – Eucalyptus racemosa 

  • Narrow-leaved Peppermint – Eucalyptus radiata 

  • Mountain Ash – Eucalyptus regnans 

  • Swamp Mahogany – Eucalyptus robusta 

  • Sydney Blue Gum – Eucalyptus saligna 

  • Forest Red Gum – Eucalyptus tereticornis 

  • Ribbon Gum – Eucalyptus viminalis 

  • Brush Box – Lophostemon confertus 

  • Blakely’s Red Gum – Eucalyptus blakelyi 

  • Long-leaved Box – Eucalyptus goniocalyx 

  • Yellow Box – Eucalyptus melliodora 

  • Hillgrove Gum – Eucalyptus michaeliana 

  • Grey Box – Eucalyptus moluccana 

  • Swamp Gum – Eucalyptus ovata 

  • Small fruited grey gum – Eucalyptus propinqua 

  • Grey Gum – Eucalyptus punctata 

  • Red Mahogany – Eucalyptus resinifera 

  • Candlebark – Eucalyptus rubida 

  • Stringybark – Eucalyptus capitellata

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