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Enjoy the classic romance of the Australian bush by hosting your wedding at our beautiful venue in Pearl Beach.


There is the opportunity to seat guests outdoors under the great boughs of our magical Angophora costata, affectionately known as the “Wedding Tree”.


We also offer Crommelin Cottage for wedding hire, which features an accessible toilet and a kitchenette for catering purposes. 

Couples are often attracted to bush weddings for their simplicity and the sense of calm that comes from gathering with loved ones in a natural setting. You will be surrounded by the sound of birds, trees swaying in the breeze, and the pleasant chatter of your nearest and dearest. Plus, you will have some truly unique photos of your wedding day at Pearl Beach Arboretum.

For Wedding enquirers please contact

If you are concerned about the risk of bad weather or are looking for somewhere for a reception nearby, you can also book the Pearl Beach Memorial Hall as a backup. Please click here for more details

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