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Birds Of Pearl Beach Checklist

The bird life at Pearl Beach is fascinating and spectacular in such a small area of bushland! We encourage visitors to get involved and note any birds they spot at the Arboretum to help with our conservation efforts.

We have produced a comprehensive Birds of Pearl Beach Checklist for visitors and avid bird watchers to enjoy while observing native wildlife at the Arboretum. During your visit, you can find free, printed copies of the bird checklist available at points along our walking trails. Alternatively, please find the print-friendly version of the checklist by clicking the button below:

* Indicates birds seen at Pearl Beach Arboretum
# Indicates birds seen at Pearl Beach Lagoon

Thanks to John Waugh, Stan Zucker and Chris Zucker for compiling the majority of this valuable information on local bird species and sightings at Pearl Beach. This list is now maintained by Paul Wickham – if you would like to offer Paul feedback or further insight on this bird list, please contact us directly.

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