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Visiting the Arbotetum

The Arboretum is open 24/7 during daylight hours.  You are welcome to come for quiet recreation.  If you are planning a picnic you might want to check your planned date via our Let’s Chat/Contact Us button as there may be a music event or large wedding planned for that day.  Please respect our visitor policies below aimed at keeping peace and tranquility in Pearl Beach Arboretum and avoid harming already threatened plants and wildlife.

When visiting us, these small considerations will ensure everyone enjoys the beauty of Pearl Beach Arboretum. Central Coast Council Rangers randomly patrol the area and heavy fines can be issued for failure to comply with the posted dog ordinance signs.



It’s very important that no dogs enter the Arboretum. There are clear signs at footpath entrances to the Arboretum stating this, yet we still see visitors walking (sometimes carrying) their pet through the same habitat we are trying to encourage timid native wildlife to live in. Dogs of any size are a threat to wildlife – especially Koalas. Koalas have an amazing sense of smell, so your pet’s scent alone could scare them from this habitat. Do not risk damaging the conservation work we are trying to achieve.




Bikes are simply not compatible with an area set aside for the conservation and quiet appreciation of native plants and animals. You may wheel your bike through the Arboretum, but do not ride it. Our tracks are intended for walking and are not wide enough for both walkers and cyclists.


The Arboretum is beautiful, but it is not drone-friendly. The noise a drone device makes combined with its low-hanging operation scares local wildlife. We want to keep this space as a sanctuary, and so we politely ask drone operators to keep their equipment in the bag. The same rule applies for many national parks and reserves across Australia.


Smoking and open flames of any kind are prohibited in the Arboretum, especially following past bushfire events and in the interests of ongoing bushland preservation.


You can book the Arboretum and the Arboretum Cottage for your wedding or other event. See our Venue Hire page HERE

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