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Threatened Species

A number of rare and threatened flora species have been planted, or are currently being propagated, in the Arboretum – some are truly valuable species that grow naturally in the local Pearl Beach area.

Crommelin Native Arboretum Rare and Threatened Species

We have produced a comprehensive list of the rare and threatened plant species we preserve and protect at our Arboretum. This list is designed to give both visitors and curious conservationists insight into the valuable propagation work we are constantly doing in our corner of Pearl Beach. 

Please find the print-friendly version of our Rare & Threatened Species list and Threatened Grevilleas information below:

Common Name – Scientific Name (A-Z)

Ausfeld’s Wattle – Acacia ausfeldii

Blue Bush – Acacia covenyi

Gosford Wattle – Acacia prominens 

Sunshine Wattle – Acacia terminalis

Netted Bottlebrush – Callistemon linearifolius

Giant Ironwood – Choricarpia subargentea 

Chef’s Cap Correa – Correa baeuerlenii 

Davidson’s Plum – Davidsonia jerseyana

Bitter pea – Daviesia elliptica 

Small-leaved Tamarind – Diploglottis campbellii 

Spear Lily – Doryanthes palmeri 

Toothed eremophila – Eremophila denticulata

Emu bush – Eremophila racemosa

Long-flowered Marlock – Eucalyptus macrandra 

Parramatta Red Gum – Eucalyptus parramattensis 

Twining Glycine – Glycine clandestina (broad leaf form)

Beadle’s Grevillea – Grevillea beadleana

White Yiel Yiel – Grevillea hilliana

Wee Jasper Grevillea – Grevillea iaspicula

Juniper-leaf Grevillea – Grevillea juniperina 

Fern-leaf Spider Flower – Grevillea longifolia

McCutcheon’s Grevillea – Grevillea maccutcheonii

Carrington Falls Grevillea – Grevillea rivularis

Blue Grevillea – Grevillea Shiressii

Tumut Grevillea – Grevillea wilkinsonii

Williamson’s Grevillea – Grevillea williamsonii

Fine Leaved Tuckeroo – Lepiderema pulchella

Basalt Peppercress – Lepidium hyssopifolium

Biconvex Paperbark – Melaleuca biconvexa

Rusty Plum – Niemeyera whitei

Club-leaved Phebalium – Phebalium obcordatum

Philotheca ericifolia

Strickland Mint Bush – Prostanthera askania 

Prostanthera cruciflora

Mt Vincent Mint-Bush – Prostanthera stricta

Native Rhododendrum – Rhododendron viriosum

Durobby, Coolamon – Syzygium moorei

Magenta Lilly Pilly – Syzygium paniculatum

Tufted Granite Lily – Thelionema grande

Wollemi pine – Wollemia nobilis

Zieria prostrata

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