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Arboretum Management and Master Plan


The Management Plan gives clear direction to the management and maintenance of the Arboretum so that the it is cared for and presented to a high standard for current and future generations in accordance with the current Arboretum constitution, vision and aims of the committee (see Section 2.2 Vision and Aims for the Arboretum).

Consideration is given to where management policies have come from, where they currently are, and how they should be amended. The policies are provided at the end of each relevant section with a red heading and are consecutively numbered with a red number (e.g. 6.).  They are summarised at Appendix A: Summary Of Policies.

This Landscape Masterplan provides guidance to the Arboretum projects over the next 10 years, guided by the Arboretum Management Plan.  It aims to recognise and interpret the cultural and environmental heritage of the site' providing a spaces in which accessibility and safety is greatly improved, providing users with the opportunity to passively appreciate landscape and enable an immersive and calming landscape experience. 

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