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Andrew Alter

21_Elephant in the Room_PBEAT2023_Commended

This artwork draws on ideas from illusionary art and creates a composite image from a set of separately suspended items including palm fronds and driftwood. Different pieces of palm fronds and driftwood will be cut, woven and carved in ways that have no specific representational form in and of themselves. They will be suspended on different vertical planes in a manner such that a composite image only comes into view when the viewer stands on a specially designated spot. Thus, the elephant appears in the room when the viewer reaches the appropriate point.

Andrew Alter is a musician whose interests include the music of Europe, India, and Indonesia. In his musical journeys he has frequently had reason to see elephants and other animals in National Parks in Asia. He is a proud sponsor of Wildlife SOS – an organisation dedicated to mitigating human encroachment on animal habitats. His art practice works within the spaces between sonic, visual, and real imaginaries.

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