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Stefanie Ferguson and Flora

05_Do you wanna build a woman

Inspired by the theme Nature/Nurture this work is a collaboration between mother, daughter & 'village'. The title takes inspiration from my daughter's favourite movie 'Frozen' as I watch her grow into her own person. The form represents two works: the outer surface represents her growth from child to
woman, whilst the inner form (womb) represents my grief and loss at her growing up. The materials used are collected on nature walks from all the families that have become our 'village' on the coast. This represents how they have helped shape not just my daughter but me as a mother as I too continue to grow.

Stefanie Ferguson studied Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art, gaining First Class Honours in 2009. She is a sculptor and ceramicist based in Umina and has exhibited across Australia, USA, and the UK.
Flora is 3 years old. She is a painter, drawer, and ceramicist. She is inspired by nature, Frozen and her family. This is her first art exhibition.

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