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47th anniversary picnic

We had a wonderful day for our 47th anniversary picnic with around 40 people attending. It gave us great pleasure to announce our latest Life Member, Ian Crawford. For over 12 years Ian has worked in the Arboretum not only at working bees but on many days each week quietly undertaking tasks as he sees they are needed. A favourite job is to ensure the roof of the Crommelin Cottage does not have a build up of leaves and sticks. You can find him undertaking maintenance of paths, cleaning up after storms, mowing the open area and setting up and cleaning after events. He has also had major input into the rebuilding of the Robert Payne bridge and the extension to the cottage and the propagation shed and hardening off area. We all look forward to working with him for many years to come.

The photos is of Ian Crawford and Mary Knaggs, our secretary, presenting the award.


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