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Arboretum Management Committee for 2024

Following the Crommelin Native Arboretum Inc. Annual General Meeting in October 2023 the Arboretum management committee for 2024 is excited to keep developing the Arboretum Management Plan and Landscape Masterplan - as well as doing all the other great work we usually do. Of course we couldn't do this work without our wonderful members and regular volunteers. The Committee for 2024 includes: President: Victoria Crawford; Vice President: Phil Rich; Secretary: Mary Knaggs; Treasurer: Frances Alter; and Ordinary Members - Gabby Crompton, Marijke Greenway, Carolyn Marks, Robert Payne, Gary Phillips, Jennifer Price, Rachel Shea, Di Swalwell, Mary van der Westhuyzen and Bronwen Young.

Why not think about joining the Arboretum as a member (only $20 for 12 months) and possibly joining out committee next year? Click HERE.

Arboretum President Victoria Crawford with member and regular volunteer Lorelle Savage


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