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New Membership System

The Pearl Beach Arboretum are pleased to announce the introduction of a new system to manage out membership process.

The new system provides the Arboretum and its members the following benefits:

  • Membership is no longer tied to the financial year. The annual membership runs for 12 months from the day you join.

  • Two membership plans exist. Annual Membership (1 year) & Annual Membership.

    • The Annual Membership (1 year) lasts one year and you will receive a reminder to renew just before it expires.

    • The Annual Membership allows you to become a Member with an Annual Membership that is good until cancelled.

  • The system creates a database of all members and contacts that makes it easier to send you emails and news letters etc. It also allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe without needing to send us an email asking us to do so.

  • The system will also allows us to offer discounts to future events and services offered by the Pearl Beach Arboretum.

This change means that it is no longer possible to give us a donation at during the membership sign up process, so you will need to do this separately sorry

To become a member please click HERE


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