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Talk Native Plants & Pathogens

Interested in trees and what can affect their health? The Arboretum has a special talk this Friday 18/08/23 at 5pm.

Ben Alter (MSc Integrated Natural Resource Management: Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation) will talk about myrtle rust and other pathogens and has some great slides to show us. There will be an opportunity to ask a question. For more subject info see HERE.

This is a free community event with drinks and nibbles at the conclusion.

Pearl Beach Memorial Hall, 9 Diamond Rd, Pearl Beach.

We would also love you to also come to our anniversary picnic this Sunday from 11:00 am. The Arboretum will be 47 years old and is a great place to visit and unwind. Bring your own lunch and we will supply tea, coffee and cake.

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